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Hi, I am Jakob Raith, game programmer and also currently studying Informatics: Games Engineering at the Technical University of Munich

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Before I started my study at the Technical University of Munich I worked for two years in my homecountry Austria to save money for my upcoming relocation to Germany. Even before that I changed school once to a secondary technical college with an informatics oriented curriculum to better fit my future plans. That was in 2009. My journey to become a game developer started about two years before that when I first came into contact with the process of creating a video game and my passion was sparked. Now for over 10 years, every decision I have made was to advance my path toward becoming a game developer. I have made good progress in developing some games, I try to volunteer at as many industry events as I possibly can and together with some of my university colleagues, I am organizing the biggest student game jam in Germany, the SemesterGameJam. I am not and will never be done learning, but this site is to serve as a showcase of my work and a place I can point people to if they want to know me better professionally. Welcome!

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Here you can find my most recent projects that I did with others or alone.


Game Programming

Panza & Kommanda

Game Design, Game Programming

Catch a Ghost

Game Design, Game Programming, Art


Game Design

Harvest Warfare

Game Programming

Escape from Psion

Game Design, Game Programming

The Chasm

Game Design, Game Programming, Art


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